News Letter

February 2010 Newsletter!


Theme Community Helpers (Occupations)
Happy Valentine’s day! February is here and the end of the school year is coming fast! The theme of this month is Community Helpers (Occupations). Students will learn about the different helpers in our community and what they do. We will talk about the ways in which the different community helpers help us in our daily lives. By getting to know different kinds of people; the children will have a better understanding of how important it is to be a part of a community and that all of us can help each other in many ways.
Parent Observation day is scheduled to be held on the 24th. I hope that as many parents as possible can join us and see how much your children have progressed this year!
In the month of January, K3 and K4 students learned about transportation. K4 students are just amazing and were able to make lots of sentences about each transportation vehicle that they learned this month. “A motorcycle has an engine but a bicycle doesn’t.” “If you want to ride in a taxi, you have to pay money!” WOW! K3 students were able to identify many of the flashcards and were able to say sentences like “It’s an airplane! It has engines under the wings!” Excellent jobs, everyone!

1. When I grow up
2. My Mother is a Baker
1. Bob the Builder
2. People Helping Other People
   and much more!

Books To Read
1.Career Day
2.What Do You Want to Be?
3.Police Officer Keeps Us Safe
4.When I Grow Up
These are just few of the books we will be reading this month!

Sentences (these are just some examples):
1.What does he/she do? What do they do?
He/She is a _____. They are _____.
2.Where does he/she work? He/She works at/in a (place).
3.What does a ~ do? A (community helpers) (description).
ex: A police officer keeps us safe.
4.A (community helpers) uses/wears/drives _____.




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