News Letter

November 2009 Newsletter!


Theme Health and Personal Hygiene
October proved to be a very fun month full of songs, fingerplays and stories. Our annual Halloween party at the Kitakyushu dome was held on the 25th. I hope the children as well as yourself enjoyed the event. We are now excitedly looking forward to our next unit on Health and Personal Hygiene. We will begin our practice for our children’s show that will be held on Dec. 20th as well.
In October, along with our Halloween theme, children learned many interesting facts about the animals around the world. K4 students even went further and learned the different animal groups (classes) and were able to identify the animals accordingly. They were able to produce sentences like “Frogs are amphibians. Amphibians lives both in water (when they are born) and on land.” “Mammals don’t lay eggs except for echidnas and platypus.” “Wombats come from Australia. They are nocturnal animals. They have upside down pouches… etc.” WOW! Along with reviewing the continents of the world, K3 students learned where many animals come from and were able to say sentences like “Kangaroos come from Australia. They can hop! They have pockets!” “Hippopotamus come from Africa.” “Emperor penguins come from Antarctica. They are taller than me!” Yeah! Keep up the good work, friends!

1. Put on Your Shoes
2. Show Me How
1. The Yum-Yum Song
2. Ready or Not
K3/K4: Scrub-a-dub
and much more!

Books To Read
1.Arthur’s Boo Boo Book
2.Keeping You Healthy
3.In the Morning
4.Wash Your Hands!
These are just few of the books we will be reading this month!

Sentences (these are just some examples):
1.What’s wrong? What’s the matter?
I fell down and scraped my knee/arm. I bumped my head. (K4- He/She; His/Her)
I have a headache/stomachache/fever/cough/ etc…
I don’t feel good. I feel sick.
REVIEW – I hurt my body parts. He/She hurt his/her body parts.
2.You/They/He/She should get some rest/take some medicine (giving advices)

Language Arts & Math:
K3: Kk, Ll, Mm (Writing: Dd, Ee)
Math – rote counting and numbers 10-15
K4: Sight Words of the month – his, her, do, but
Phonics – digraphs – wh, ch, sh
Math – Simple addition problems!




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