News Letter

September 2009 Newsletter!


Theme International
Welcome back to another semester at CIC! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Our theme of the month is International. Children will be introduced to interesting facts about countries around the world, focusing on topics such as flags, food, landmarks and languages. I am planning lots of fun and exciting activities to go with the theme and can’t wait to have you all during our second Parent Observation day, where your kids will be able to show off their awesome English talent and growth!
I just want to take this opportunity to mention how well students did in learning our July theme. K3 students were able to name all of the planets and said sentences like “We live on Planet Earth.” They really loved singing the “Planets song” as well. K4 students continue to amaze me with how much information they learn each month. They were able to name 4 largest moons that revolve around Jupiter and made sentences like “Sun is at the center of our solar system. It is not a planet. It’s a star.” “We can’t land on Jupiter because it’s made out of gas!” WOW! They all liked to sing “I want to be an astronaut” song too.

1. Pizza
2. Continent
1. North, South, East, West
2.‘Round the world with
ways to say Hello.

Books To Read
1.What is your language?
2.What a Wonderful World
3.Ping- Ping Panda
4.Informational books –
Germany/Japan.. etc.
These are just few of the books we will
be reading this month! and much more!

Sentences (these are just some examples):
1.Where is (country)? It’s in (continent).
2.Where is food from? Where do you need to go to see (landmark)?
Food is from (country). I need to go to (country) . (landmark) is in (country).
3.Where do you want to go/visit? Why?
I want to go/visit to (country) because I want to see/eat_____.
4.Russia is the largest country in the world. Japan is an island.
Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. etc…

Language Arts & Math:
K3: Letters of the month- Review! We will start writing in class.
Math – Numbers 5-10
K4: Sight Words of the month – from, where, what, you
Phonics – CVC words with middle sounds a,e,i,o,u.
Math – Simple addition problems!




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