News Letter

July 2009 Newsletter!


Theme Space and Camping!!

June “roared” in and “roared” out with dinosaurs galore! I was so amazed with the amount of information K3 and K4 students learned this month! Despite its complexity, K3 students were able to name 17 different dinosaurs and were able to group them by plant eaters and meat eaters! They also were able to identify dinosaurs by their descriptions and said sentences like “Triceratops had three horns, right?” “Tyrannosaurus Rex was a meat eater!” WOW!! K4 students learned close to 30 different dinosaurs and were able to categorize them depending on what they ate and what period they existed. They were making many different sentences with the dinosaurs like “A Diplodocus had the longest tail. It was a herbivore. It was as big as 10 elephants!” “Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king of the dinosaurs. It had short arms and two fingers on each hand.” They also were able to say “Paleontologists study dinosaurs. Geologists study the Earth.” Lastly, I would like to add… I hope you enjoyed our first Parent Observation day!

K3: 1. A Camping We Will Go
2. The Rocket Song
K4: 1. I want to be an Astronaut
2. The Space Song
and much more!

Books To Read
1.I want to be an Astronaut
2.On a Camping Trip
3.Fred and Ted Go Camping
4.Baby Galileo – The World Around Me
These are just few of the books we will be reading this month!

Sentences (these are just some examples):
1._____is the (superlative) planet. (ex: Jupiter is the largest planet.)
2. How many planets are in our solar system? What are they?
There are 8 planets in our solar system. They are (in order) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
3. Comets are made of dust and ice. Mars is called the red planet. Earth is the third planet from the sun. (ordinal numbers) etc…
4. For camping, we need ~.

Language Arts & Math:
K3: Letters of the month- Review!
Math – Numbers 5-10
K4: Sight Words of the month – be, they, are, there
Phonics – We will continue to work on our CVC words with middle sounds “a” and “e”.
Math – Simple addition problems!




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