News Letter

June 2009 Newsletter!


Theme Dinosaurs!!

We are off to a fantastic start!! K3 and K4 students have been showing such an amazing progress in their English skills and I am very pleased to be a part of their growing process. May sure was a busy month as the students learned many interesting facts about bugs and plants. K3 students were able to understand that the caterpillar makes a cocoon and turns into a butterfly. They also were able to learn the parts of a flower and enjoyed singing the song that went with the concept. They were also able to identify many of the insects, including a water strider!! K4 students became bug experts and were able to make sentences like “A worm is not an insect because it doesn’t have any legs.” “Did you know that spiders have eight eyes?” “Bees make honey! Bees sting! Bees live in a hive!” and much much more!! They really seemed to enjoy singing lots of songs that went with the theme, especially the butterfly song!!

K3: 1. We are the Dinosaurs
2. Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur
K4: 1. Dinosaur Boogie
2. The Dinosaur Song
and much more!

Books To Read
1.Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
2.Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs
3.Dinosaur Bones
4.The Dinosaur Who Lived
In My Backyard
These are just few of the books we will be reading this month!

Sentences (these are just some examples):
1._____was the (superlative) dinosaur.
(ex: Supersaurus was the largest dinosaur.)
2._____had (description). (ex: A stegosaurus had armored plates.)
3. Paleontologists study dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus was as long as three buses. etc…

Language Arts & Math:
K3: Letters of the month- Ff, Gg & Review
Math – Numbers 5-10
K4: Sight Words of the month – and, of, was
Phonics – We will continue to work on our CVC words with middle sounds “a” and “e”.
Math – Simple addition problems!




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