News Letter

JAN 2012-CIC English Kindergarten Kokura, Fukuoka


Note from Miss Janet (Sensei) HAPPY NEW YEAR K2 family! I hope you have
all enjoyed the winter festive season and New
Year family gatherings. For those who travelled - welcome
back! We are happy and thankful for your safe return.
We would like to welcome our NEW K2 friends, Konatsu
(Penguin) & Ryuji (Seal). Lets have FUN learning English!!

Dinosaurs / Animals This month we will look at Dinosaurs and Animals.
What were dinosaurs? What happened to the
dinosaurs? How do we know there were dinosaurs?
Children will also look at animals, sorting types by
water, air and land - big/small, tall/short and matching
through games and puzzles. This will also include
counting and alphabet letters throughout the classes.
We will have a review of vocabulary/sentences used
last semester, which are important for daily class
routines and personal care eg. 'I have finished going
to the toilet' etc.

Songs · A, B, C, D - Dinosaur
· Bunny Hop
· B.I.N.G.O
· Old Mac Donald
and more

Target Vocabulary(examples only) 1. It's a (dinosaur/animal).
2. It's not a/an (dinosaur/animal).
3. (dinosaur) is a/an dinosaur.
4. (animal) is a/an animal.
5. I like the (dinosaur).
6. I have finished cleaning my (notebook, towel,
toothbrush, tea bottle, backpack)
7. Today is (eg. Monday), tomorrow will be (eg. Tuesday).

Story-time Books  Dinosaurs (Spiky, Scaly, Scary)
 Pop-Up Dino (I.Q)
 The Dragon Tree
 Floppys Bath
 Good Night Dinosaurs
and more

Other vocabulary Review sentences/vocabulary for daily routines.
Animals eg. Horse, snake, turtle, mouse, hippo etc
Note: Target sentences will be simplified for
the much younger K2 Children

CIC Calender Events  January 9th: National Holiday (No School)




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