News Letter

April 2009 Newsletter!


Dear Families,
Welcome to all new students and teachers! For all returnees, welcome back to another year at CIC! The themes of this month are All About Me and Health (Part I). Health has been added to our theme this month so that the children will be able to learn phrases that are important to their daily lives. The children will learn sentences such as “My favorite ~ is ~”, “I have a headache,” and much more! These sentences are a great way to begin our new school year since they will enable them to share their interests to each other and is a great opportunity for them to get to know each other better. Songs like “Mirror, Mirror” and “Hello, Neighbor” will be introduced. For our new students, establishing the school routines will be part of their lesson along with our monthly topics. We are looking forward to having an awesome year!

Phonics will be part of our daily schedule. We will start with identifying and counting the letters in each other’s names. Our name is the most important word and that is why we start there. Along with learning our new phonics song that covers the sounds of the alphabet, we will mainly focus on the letters “A” and “B” this month.
Thank you – Donna sensei

We will be reviewing all of the phonic sounds and specifically, we will work on words with the vowels “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, and “u” as their middle sounds. By end of this year, I would like the kids to be able to read simple words and sentences!! Sight words will be introduced, starting with the words “my”, “a”, “am” and “is”. Please note that I will be encouraging the K4 children to speak more English to each other in school this year.
Thank you – Donna sensei




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