News Letter

January Newsletter


Welcome back to another year at CIC! We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break. December, as we all know, was a busy but very exciting month! Along with learning about the topics of Christmas and Transportation, early in the month, we had our annual Children’s show. All of the children performed very well and looked so cute in their costumes!! We hope everyone enjoyed the show. Then we had magicians come to our school on the 20th and boy, was it fun!! We also had our Christmas party on the 21st. The children exchanged gifts and we played lots of games together. Everyone looked so happy and it was just very nice to be able to spend such special time with all of them. We also had a cleaning day on the 22nd and we would like to express our thanks to all of you who participated in the event.

A new month brings a new topic! This month, we will learn about Health. We will talk about healthy food choices and what foods are important to help us grow to be big and strong! We will also talk about exercise and how it is important for us to stay healthy. “Fruit Salad”, “Scrub-a-dub” and “Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes “ are just few of the songs we will sing this month. We will also be reading books such as “Waves in the Bathtub”, “Spot Bakes a Cake“ and “Pancakes, Pancakes.” Cooking is another activity planned for the children, which should be a lot of fun!

We are also very pleased to welcome our new friends in Kokura school. With the growing community, it might be a very challenging year for CIC but we are all very excited and let’s make this year a great year for all of us!! Again, welcome back to another year at CIC!




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