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July Newsletter


This is an exciting time of year for everyone here at CIC, now that summer is upon us! With the children concluding the July theme of the Solar System and Camping, students are more into the spirit of what they may experience this summer with family and friends.
The K-3 students will have their day camp on the 20th of July. They will enjoy activities like, cooking and learning English games. For those students who will participate on July 20th to the 21st for the K-5 overnight camp, such phrases like, “I’m roasting marshmallows”, will be experienced with music and entertaining English activities. One of the overnight camp activities will also include a fun Treasure Hunt.
Starting July 24th, the summer program offers more fun English activities and music, as well as interactive science projects that will teach the children, hands on, about the wonderful world around them. Such activities will consist of, volcano making and dying paper flowers.
The K-4 and K-5 students will also continue to practice for the much-anticipated Korean and Japanese Children\'s Cultural Exchange Program performances in August. The students continue to work hard learning their lines and singing the songs, which is very rewarding to see as we work together on getting the performance at its best!
For those students who will be away for the summer, the CIC staff wishes you a safe and happy summer vacation. Happy Obon! We look forward to seeing you for the new school year on September 4th 2006.
Best Wishes,
Angelique Scheirer, CIC Teacher




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