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June Newsletter


As we come upon the month of June, I am happy to think of all the wonderful things the children have learned here at CIC.
This month the children learned about plants, vegetables, fruits, and insects by studying key sentence phrases and English vocabulary. The children were able to plant potato plants in the garden, which was very enjoyable for everyone who participated. It is an invaluable experience for the children\'s development to watch their previous lessons grow out in the garden.
Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, we were unable to have our school picnic at Green Park. Therefore, we had a picnic with the children here at CIC. In June, we expect to encounter new and exciting activities with our theme being: Animals and Dinosaurs. The K- 4 and 5 students will be able to participate in a fieldtrip to the Dinosaur Museum, which will be very exciting for us all.
With great enthusiasm, the children will be able to learn about the history of Dinosaurs and be able to identify many different types of animals. It is such a pleasure seeing the children learn through fun and interesting themes. We try to achieve this through music and stories. This month some of the songs that will be introduced are: Dorothy the Dinosaur, 3 little Fishies, and Here comes a Bear. In addition to new songs, storybooks like, Snappy Little Dinosaurs, Oh Dinosaur, Hop-Skip Jump- a-roo Zoo and more will be read to the children.
In conclusion, we would like to invite all the parents to observe their children in class at the end of June. You will be able to see how your children are progressing from a small performance, which will include singing, speaking in English and more educational activities that they have learned here at CIC.
I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Sincerely Yours,
Angelique Sensei




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