News Letter

April Newsletter


We have had a great March at CIC. This month, we have been learning how to tell time and talking about our daily schedules. Everyone has really enjoyed singing our songs ‘Brush Your Teeth’ and ‘Down by the Bay’ and learning the Japanese favorite ‘Grandfather Clock’. K3 has been singing the ‘Violin Song’ with an accompanying interpretive dance. K5 and K4 also have been practicing their speeches for our graduation ceremony.

We also went on our class picnic. We played games, ate lunch, and did many things while at Honjo Park. Even though it was cold and cloudy, we still had a lot of fun.

It has been a fantastic year. We are all very proud of the progress all of the children have made as students and as people. They have grown and matured a great deal in a short time. We expect many more great things to come.

Of course the end of the school year means that some of our students will be leaving us. I wish the best to all seven graduating students, I know you have a great future ahead of you.

In the coming school year we will have many new students and teachers, which should make for new songs, dances, and stories to tell. I am confident our new staff will be greatly welcomed to CIC, as I was last September.

We will have our Entrance Ceremony on April 5th at the Wakamatsu public hall. Starting in April we will be discussing the theme ‘All About Me’, practicing writing our names in English, and learning how to do a self-introduction. Have an enjoyable spring vacation. We can’t wait to see you in April.




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