News Letter

News Letter JUNE 2011 CIC English Kindergarten Kokura, Fukuoka


Note from Miss Janet (Sensei)
Our Sports/Recreation Day was Fantastic! The children LOVED practicing their race. We had some tears on the day, but overall they did a great job!. Thank you parents and families for attending and making it a fun CIC family event! In May K2 planted sweet potatoes, they had so much fun! The children were able to identify different times of the day & name the activity(s) finished or next. Eg. 'Playground is finished' 'Toilet and Lunch time Janet Sensei?'

Bugs & Plants (Fruit/Vegetables)
This month, we will learn about creepy crawly bugs! K2 have discovered some in the playground, and are fascinated! We will also look at fruits and vegetables; counting and numbers 13-20. Parents, I would like your child to bring in a fruit or vegetable for discussion. I will send out a schedule soon. If you have bugs, we would love to see them! We can view and talk about them in class. They must be in cases.

· The ants go marching
· Apples and Banana's
· Hot Potato
· Fruit Salad
· Banana Boat Song
· Itsy Bitsy Spider
· and bug chants
and more

Story-time Books
·The Very Hungry Caterpillar
·Creepy Crawly Colours
·There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly
·The very busy Spider
·10 Little ladybugs
and more

Target Vocabulary (examples only)
1. Q. How many (bug/fruit/vegetable(s))
(number) bug/fruit/vegetable(s).
2. Q. What is this?
It's a (bug/fruit/vegetable).
3. Q. What colour is it?
It's (colour).
4. (bug/s) can fly/crawl/hop/jump/swim
5. (fruit/vegetable(s)) are yummy!
6. Yummy! / Yuck!
7. I like/don't like (bug/fruit/vegetable(s)).
Number(s); 1-20 (Numerical and words).
Fruits, vegetables, colours

Happy Fathers Day
We would like to wish our K2 Fathers,
Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers a
Happy Fathers Day! We love you!
Happy 3rd Birthday
to our K2 friends
Sakurako, Momo, Eito,
Shimon and Megu




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