English Guidance


CIC was established in 1983 to provide Japanese people with more enjoyable and efficient, and easier ways of learning practical English at a reasonable cost. We have been always trying to improve our teaching methods according to the need of students and the time.

We have introduced early childhood education (ages 1 & 2) to carry out more efficient language training and to help young mothers raise mentally and physically healthy children.

We firmly believe that children today have to grow up to be able to express their own opinions to make themselves well understood in our more and more interdependent world communities. In order to do so, they should have a broad range of knowledge to be able to see things logically and critically, and the language ability to convey their opinions and thoughts in a clear and succinct manner. They also need to acquire the skill of collecting information and selecting useful pieces from it, which will be of vital importance for many people in the 21st century.

Although English is the most useful and important means of communication to obtain, treating English as another school subject to pass entrance examinations is far from sufficient. Since our goal is to create people who will be able to cope with the coming century, holistic approach should be well incorporated into English education.

English should be acquired as naturally and enjoyably as possible. We have reached the conclusion that in order to achieve this, early childhood education is the one of the best solutions.

We started classes for one-year olds and their parents, and two-year olds in 1996. The kindergarten program for 3 to 6-year olds started in 1993. The special ability to absorb things like a sponge which very young children possess makes it possible for them to learn English naturally. These classes also help them learn how to socialize with other people and establish the foundation for their future life. We strongly feel the necessity of working together with parents to actualize our goal.


  • Pair school for One-year olds and Mothers
  • Preschool for Two-year olds
  • English Kindergarten(3-5)
  • Follow-up Classes for kindergarten graduates and returnees
  • English classes for elementary school children
  • Overnight Summer Camp (only K5 children)
  • Spring and Summer Intensive English Courses
  • Private lessons


We look for a new teacher through Gaijin Pot when we need a new English staff.

Please check the Gaijin Pot Classified Ad and if you can find our Ad, check the requirements, and apply for the position through Gaijin Pod. Thank you.

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